Black is sexy. For many seasons it has stayed as a trend and there is obviously no way to get rid of it, as it is a classic?favourite?of designers and wearers alike. However, it has lost a little of its shine when 2012 came along with heavenly shades of white on the most flattering designs ever seen. Therefore it?s time to make the most of the dazzling white fashion trend as long as it stays on the racks and shelves.



white fashion

White Fashion Trends 2012


Many things could be attributed to white. Purity, innocence, luxury, and celestial beings- these are all beautiful things. But we?re talking about what the world has to offer and what a woman can radiate all by herself just by feeling in such a way- sexy. And sexier she would be in the hottest items in ivory, cream, and every dab of white.



A Hot White Tank Top


The simplicity of this piece is commonly admired by both sexes. For girls, it is comfortable to wear. As for men, it spells natural beauty and intimacy. See America?s Next top Model for effortless sexy.


sexy tank tops

David Beckham and Lara Stone in Sexy White Tank Tops


Your Man?s Buttondown Shirt


The best androgyny number would be one plain mannish white top. It downplays by making one look as if she just got out of bed yet still looking gorgeous. Take a hint from Angelina Jolie in Mr. And Mrs. Smith.


mr & mrs smith

Angelina Jolie Mr & Mrs Smith




Perfect for fall, this posh cover-up looks expensive in white, no matter how much it cost you to get it.? Think? Cameron Diaz. Think? Katie Holmes. Think Kate Middleton.


trench coat

Kate Middleton White Burberry Trench Coat

Wedding-inspired Gown

The red carpet at the SAG Awards? flowed with stars and starlets dressed in solid,sheen, dusted and muted bridal frocks. One of the best dressed in these divine numbers was Lea Michele in Versace.


white dress

Lea Michelle in Sexy, White Versace Dress




A true fashionista does not deny the beauty and chic effect of fur. In white, it is blissfully more distinguished and up-to-date. The current trend is to wear it faux but choose fur trims that look real. Some still want genuine fur so designers who are ecstatic to fill their client?s wish found a way to make them look fake.


fur coat

White Fur Coats by Blumarine Fall 2012

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