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Shaun Alexander is one of the world’s top Fashion Photographers with over 27 years of experience in the field of fashion and beauty. Shaun has colored countless pages of ?many ?fashion magazines and art galleries with his surrealistic approach to fashion photography. His background in Art and sculpting clearly seperates him from the rest of photograhers today. Shaun’s images are more like a master pieces painted by a?Renascence?artist than an modern fashion photographer. Yet his?contemporary?approach in some of his?advertising?campaigns and style seem so futuristic and surreal, making it hard to believe that this is all one man behind so many different style and variety.But when I found out that Shaun does his own makeup, styling, Art directing, and graphic work, I was not so surprised. ?Eye for?perfection?, ?hands for fineart and details as well as his technical knowledge in art and photography,?definitely?qualifies?Shaun for his hard earned tile as a TOP FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER

He also offers workshops to professional and amateure photographers, make up artists, stylits and models to build a fantastic portfolio in two days Fashion Photography workshops These are a few of my?favorite?samples of Shaun Alexander Photography

This Fashion Photograph taken By LA Fashion Photographer Shaun Alexander

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By: Aileen N.



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