The Fashion World Through My Eyes

The Fashion world is not only an experimental world of colors, but also a journey through history of taste, presentation and class differences. You might think to yourself after watching a Fashion Runway show, or even after visiting the mall when falling in love with a particular item that you might have seen on someone else that interested you, or for the fact that it compliments your other items, or maybe even because you have imagined yourself wearing something similar for a long time: ?Can they think of anything better next year??

Fashion changes just like communities do, and just like cultures develop, we mix and match the designs we know to own and wear the correct expression of our taste for the season, and even as a form of attraction. The youth definitely find ways to separate themselves from other cultures by using fashion. And even to find similar minded people or to share similar experiences.

I’m a 23 year old writer and performer, and have been living in Los Angeles for over five years. Being a writer and performer has came with going from one place to another, and I see the fast changing cultures and communities and the material differences in clothes depending on what area I am located in, and the mix matching of old fashion with new fashion. I am grateful to have met a well established LA Fashion?Photographer Shaun Alexander and to be a part of his team .

by: Aileen N.



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