Swim wear – Bikini – Bathing Suits

Swim wear can be easy or hard to find, depending on how picky you have become when it comes to their shapes and cuts. Two-piece swimwear became popular through the Olympic games around 1910 and Hollywood introduced two-piece bikini’s through movie Neptune’s daughter in 1949 after the Pin Ups of Hollywood in early 1940’s. The modern bikini finally were designed by a french engineer named Louis Reard and fashion designer Esther Williams in late 1940’s.


Fashion Model Rita Hayworth

Photo of Rita Hayworth, Hollywood pin-up and actress


I was internet searching and found some good websites to check out for bikini inspirations:

BEBE has some really cute looking two-piece bikini’s and classy looking one-piece bathing-suits.



H&M has some colorful choices and retro looking bikini’s.




Victoria?s Secret has a large selection of swimwear and a lot of push up bikini’s.



Happy swimming !


Aileen N



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