?Just saying, death by scarf, not that intimidating,? Nate tells his buddy Chuck Bass in the first season of Gossip Girl. The hotel heir replies, ?Don’t mock the scarf, Nathaniel. It’s my signature.? But it?s quite a fashionable way to die,?isn’t?it? Not to suggest people should do it, but simply saying how scarves for this cold season are to-die-for. There are four scarf trends to follow.

These are:
Fur Scarves. Try going fake instead of getting the real thing to avoid getting stoned by the activists. You know how they are. Faux is really the ?in? thing if you ask anyone. Just think about those poor animals.


rabbit fur scarf

Rabbit Fur Scarf by Lanvin fall / Winter 2012

fur scarf

Fur Scarves Fall 2012

Knitted Scarves. Works well for the more laid back type. You?re not planning to get way too bummed up in winter, are you? However you can always make it more stylish by wearing as you?d do a minx fur. Fur again, here we go. Yet we heard knits are the easier way to flow.


knitted scarf

Knitted Scarves by Marc Jacobs


Missoni Knitted scarves

Snoods. Go for?colours?that command attention. You can either wear it traditionally around your neck or over your head. This is more fashion forward and unique. Lucky for you if it?s autumn or winter in your country. Make the most of it with a high end hey-look-at-me snood!


fur scarf

Michael Kors Fur Scarf Snood 2012/2013


Fall 2012 Snoods

Pastel Shades and Dark Hues. These are the real?colours?of winter. Feel the season in them and enjoy fighting off the chilly weather. Going traditional? Try these and you?ll never go out of style.


pastel scarf

Pastel Colours Scarves by Athena Procopiou

dark scarf

Gucci Dark Scarf Winter 2013

Still not convinced? Having a scarf around your neck is very French, in case you?didn’t?know. And if you really want to look hot this season, better warm up in these scarf trends. If Leslie Bibb is a fan of scarves, you can be the patron of scarves if you?d only allow it. And?wouldn’t?you just love to look fabulous? Think about it. While you do, here?s something from The Social Network:
Eduardo Saverin: Open your present. It’s a silk scarf.
Christy: Have you EVER seen me wear a scarf?
Eduardo Saverin: This will be your first.


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