Prada 70’s Style Runway Show Fall 2012

It?s not just a bag, it?s Prada. Such is the statement of actor who played a Manhattan heiress in the fashion and action-packed comedy Hot Chicks. Miss Miuccia Prada lets out girls in large doses of geometric and zingy details. The apocalypse of glam vibrates through Prada?s foul beauty collection, one of a kind but striking, elegant and innovative. Think retro sophistication. Consider powerful, revolutionary and distinctive fashion.


prada 70s

Prada 70s style Collection for Fall 2012

prada bags

Prada Fall 2012 Bags



Hugely geometric, Prada clothes play with vision in Op Art varieties, breathtaking graphics and eye-popping patterns that sometimes seem discordant, offbeat and quirky. Jacquards take on a big role making the range more robust and red carpet perfect for fall and winter.


fall 2012

Fall 2012 / Winter 2013 - Prada Milan Fashion Week

bags - purse

Prada Bags/Purse Collection 2012



Colors run tamed in proliferated orange, trendy violet, and composed persimmon. Each hue is fully saturated for a fresher and more modern look. Brown, unedgy gold and Khaki made a 70?s mix. Dazzling jewel outlines remark the creations complimentarily. Everyone stares wide-eyed and almost sat at the edge of their seats to see what comes out next for these bejeweled garments dismiss simplicity and rather upstage grandeur. Flamboyance and spotlight royalty. Rigid back layers embellished with heavyweight jewels are designed with more architectural structure than body flattering shapes. Skirts in lieu of dresses, as Miuccia Prada always proposed, ranged in medium length A lines which are more congealed and tailored in recurrent shapely patterned brocades. Cropped flared trousers worn under skirts or fit?n flare jackets, giving out a 70?s revival with Austin Powers vivid in the memory.


milan fashion week

Prada Runway Show 2012 Milan Fashion Week

purse - handbag

Prada handbag Collection

prada shoes

Prada Shoes for fall 2012


What? bag hags have been waiting for ? a parade of purses in all series of on the Gladstone with unyielding frames in lustrous cordovan or patent leather. The bags mean business and as usual, brings about a gothic, wicked and controlled aura. Prada are again shrinks the common light-on-the-sight feathery embroideries, feminine silhouette drama and pastel hued fantasy, and shifts the attention to reality and fashion revelations that are entirely unique and can only be materialized by the designer herself. As if she didn?t already immerse the crowd with a majestic collection, Miss Prada had a great carpet, created with massive purple and black repetitious patterns, laid out on the show. It was a version of the red one she made available for the Tinseltown thesp-filled men?s show. The rest of the Prada runway venue had everyone thinking what might be occurring in her mind. With Prada, each detail possess relevance. There is a necessity to wonder and anticipate for the best.



Prada Fall 2012 Winter 2013 Collection


Milan Fashion Week Prada collection of Shoes fall 2012 / winter 2013




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