Any true-blooded fashionista can easily feel naked without a purse. This is why every season, designers come up with high end pieces for women to carry around and show off the crowd. For fall, here are the ten most noted bag trends that will make you wish you had one of these.


1. Gladstone Prone. Yes, we’re prone, indeed. Also called the Doctor’s bag, the Gladstone bags are back in fashion. And who says you must have a Ph.D. at the end of your name to carry one?


doctors bags

Doctors Bag or Gladstone Prone Bags – TopShop – Miu MIu – Marni


2. Granny Fancy. Vintage is definitely in. You can now wave your Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily purse into your grandmother’s? faces. That is, if she doesn’t show you hers first.


Dolce and Gabbana miss sicily

Miss sicily Collection Fall 2012 by Dolce and Gabbana


3. Box Bag Gag. Don’t you just love geometry? Once again, this exquisite branch of science is applied in fashion design. For a fresh take, it comes out in shapes rather than in patterns. The cute little handle of a box bag is probably enough to stop your doubts. It may look like an interesting square or cube-like thing but it’s actually a glamorous accessory that matches well with cocktail dresses and whatever suits your mood.



box bags

Selection of Box bags – Atomic, Celine , Lanvin Collection bags 2012


4. Red Alert. If last season was all about orange hues, the color of blood, cherries, and Louboutin soles is out to wipe out every other color and reign as the fiercest one of all. Welcome back the shade of scarlet which is courageous, dashing, and elegant as ever. Simplified design works best for this trend so it’s advisable to stay clear from super embellished versions or too shiny ones.


red bags

Bags Trends – Red Bags Collection – Coach – Christian Louboutin – Alexander Mcqueen


5. Bold Gold. One of the hottest and most luxurious metallic colors, gold stands out and becomes the ‘it’ glittering hue for this season.One at a time is the most fabulous way to wear it. Don’t listen to people who tell you it’s only good to wear in the evening. Come on, were they born yesterday?


Golden bags

Golden Bags Collection – Fashion Designers Chanel – Roger Vivier – Marchesa


6. Artistic Appliques. These carry-ons are bound to get a lot of attention. Fully embellished as if they were made exactly for royalty, all statement designer handbags for the season are hot as hell.


art bags

Bag Trends – Artistic Prints – Phillip Lim – Sunrise – Asos


7. Fur Allure. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be genuine animal hair. In an era of consciousness, faux rocks. Designers go out-of-the-box with their creations, taking the trend to a whole new level.



fur bags

Collection of Fur Bags – Louis Vuitton – Oscar De La Renta – Kiri


8.Envelope Dope. More than a single new shape of the famous envelope clutch have emerged this fall. It’s about time corporate goes through an upgrade. Executives would love this perfect fall season treat.



Balenciaga Handbag Collection Fall 2012 – 2013


9. Jewel Fuel. Regal tones of gems are all the rage this season.


jewel bags

Jewel Bags Collection Fall 2012 – Marchesa – Prada – Top Shop


10. Tote Quote. Huge,?spacious?tote bags don?t seem to be out-of-style these past seasons. Now it?s back, bigger and more luxurious.


tote bags

Tote Bags Collection Fall 2012 – les essentiels de la vie – Babe Head – Freitag

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