The world seemed to stop when a mob of fashionistas rushed to Target for Missoni ?s 400-piece collection. Even the site reportedly crashed with so many visitors checking out what?s in store, plus their phones went ringing off the hook and people started to reach them through mobile.? Target admits that the situation was not entirely unexpected but they were clearly unprepared in how the collaboration would click to the extent of dragging a huge number of customers to wipe out almost the entire range.

An enormously unforgettable event in fashion history, this Black Friday gimmick worked successfully to the company?s goal and achieved by having almost each of the fabulous pieces sold out including the well-loved sweater dresses which are perfect for the fall/winter season.


missoni Missoni for Target 2012


Stores go out of stock in just hours as shoppers were quick to bite at the greatly discounted prices. Who?wouldn’t?? Missoni ?s latest collection is to-die-for and with this commotion going on, most women would want something from the brand in their wardrobes considering the price, the quality and the name Missoni itself. Prices range from $2.99 to $599.99, with lots of items less than $40, as revealed by the store. Products were gone as quick as lightning, including the popular black and white zig zag top, green corduroy cover-up, some maxi skirts, v-neck sweaters, and some cardigans.


missoni Mission Lookbok for Target


As every shopper competes to snag out the best buys, it?s quite obvious that whoever comes first, gets the golden opportunity to lay eyes on the items. However, it?s not easy to shop and just get what you want when other Missoni -hungry predators are also fighting to do the same, remembering the scene in ?Confessions of a Shopaholic where two women fight for a pair of designer shoes.? The offer is irresistible, but, as in most sales and big bargain days, you?re going to have to be tough and fast to get your hands on that particular scarf or frock, or someone else would smile their way out the store with that item in the shopping bag.


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