Eight Reasons Why We Love Milan Fashion Week

Besides Prada and Versace, out come eight designer labels that are as hot as flames in the Milan fashion week fall / winter 2012-2013 season. These names aren?t fresh to the ears but their ranges are definitely eye candy and eye-popping with trends ready to take over every woman?s wardrobe in a jiffy. Thanks to the perplexing shows on Milan fashion week, it was easy to pinpoint which collections stood out to be the top praiseworthy and anticipating.


Sexed up is what you call Pucci after seeing an array of seemingly never-ending galore of fashionable leather, thick fur, robust slits, innovative cut-outs and teasing sheers. Peter Dundas made it not too skin-revealing but sexy enough to show a little bit of flesh in figure-flattering tight frocks, solid prints and top to bottom nude looks.

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2012/2013 by Peter Dundas


fashion blog

Milan Fashion week by Fashion Blog

pucci designer 2012

Best Fashion Week 2012 - Emilio Pucci

pucci collection

Emilio Pucci Fashion Week in Milan


Milan Fashion Week 2012

fashion week 2013

Milan Fashion Week fall/winter 2012/2013

Gucci got glum for fall / winter 2012-2013 but its Frida Giannini?s best range took inspiration from 19th century romanticism and spelled it on stylish capes, fierce slouch pants, high collar and flimsy gowns in hues of the classic black and deep burgundy, green and purple. This time, she makes Gucci more sensuous, moving and off the wilder, sexual path.

Gucci Collection Fall 2012 by Frida Giannini


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Top Designer Gucci runway show

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Gucci Fashion show in Milan Fall 2012


Gucci fashion week fall 2012

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MIlan Fashion Week 2012 - Gucci

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Amazing runway shows by Gucci


What proved to be Etro?s strength is how trends become more voguish in every range such as fall / winter 2012-2013?s peplum skirts and shiny and sheer fabrics. Veronica Etro conforms to the hourglass range and brings about a noble look on her up and coming pieces as peplums are pushed to the limit with belts to heap up the hips and give a more womanly look, with paisley prints.

Etro Fashion Show Fall 2012 / Winter 2013


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Etro Runway Shows Fall 2012 Winter 2013

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Fashion Week in Milan Fall 2012

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Designer Collection for Fall 2012 by Etro


Bottega Veneta presented gorgeous gowns with the celebrated peplum on gowns, velvet pieces in various hemlines with leather parts, feather appliqu?s and in overlying patterns. Feathers also decorate the shoulders. Crystals studded on belts and brooches. Skirts are made of shredded chiffon. Tomas Maier?s dark, flawless tailored cover-ups and suits paired with flat riding boots, gloves, covered buttons, pearl earrings, and burgundy lips.

Bottega Veneta High Fashion Collection Fall/Winter 2012/2013


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Top Fashion designer Collection by Bottega Veneta Fall 2012

bottega Veneta

Runway Show Bottega Veneta for Fall 2012

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Runway show Winter 2013 by Bottega Veneta

Veneta Milan 2012

High Fashion Collection by Bottega Veneta


No reason not to lose Dolce&Gabbana?s fall /winter 2012-2013 collection. The famous fashion house re-captured the character of an Italian woman with the inspiration of Sicilian Baroque. Shapes don?t emphasize figures at all, unlike how D&G was mentioned in the Black Eyed Peas Song ?My Humps?. Still, the look is sexy, chic and luxurious. Additionally, capes, superb gold accoutrements, lace, prints and a dramatic black veil gave quite an astounding show.

Dolce & Gabbana Baroque Style Collection Fall 2012


Baroque D&G

Baroque style Dolce and Gabbana Collection for Fall 2012

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Fall 2012 D&G Fashion Show

milan fashion week

Milan Fashion Week Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2012

Top designer D&G

Fashion Designer Collection Dolce and Gabbana Winter 2013

top designer collection

Fall 2012 Dolce and Gabbana Designer Collection

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High fashion collection done by Dolce and Gabbana

D&G collection

Dolce and Gabbana Runway Show in Milan

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Haute Couture style Dolce and Gabbana runway show


Fun, youthful and edgy ? the signature ?bag girl gone good? look at DSquared once again mark the runways. This time, the Canadian partners preferred a traditional prom night with disco ball, faint lighting and some 60?s feel with a sign that says ?Class 2013?. Nevertheless, the garments aren?t everyday clothes at all. Instead, it was more like popular girls in the campus making fashion statements with naughty pencil skirts, easy going layered below sweaters. Models puffing up cigarettes on the show didn?t indicate saintly school girls but it?s a great collection all the same.

DSquared 60’s feel collection Fall/Winter 2012/2013


milan DSquared

Retro style for Fall 2012 by DSquared

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DSquared Fall/Winter 2013


Retro Collection by DSquared Fall 2012

Marni stunned viewers with a neat silhouette that drew the boundary betwixt minimal and maximal styles. A kind of austere and organized classiness was very feminine. Statements on clothes have become blunt, yet somehow under wraps which made the fall / winter 2012/2013 collection beautiful.

Marnia Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection



Designer fashion shows by Marni

collection 2012

Fashion Week Fall 2012 - Collection by Marni

marni designer

MIlan Fashion Week Fall 2012 by Marni

Raf Simons gave an excellent last show on the Jil Sander catwalk with a line of brisk coats and lovely dresses in pastel hues. To increase feistiness, Simons utilized metallic appliqu?s and cut-outs. Sexy, minimalistic, bold and simple, one can definitely tell these qualities were faultlessly combined which caused a major, major applause.

Jil Sander Fall 2012 collection by Raf Simons


sander runway show

Jil Sander Fall 2012 Runway shows

jil sander

Milan Fashion Week Jil Sander for Fall 2012

sander 2012

Beautiful Collection by Jil Sander

sander collection

Fashion Week Fall 2012 - Collection by Jil Sander


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