London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Fashion Week 2013

What?s up London?


Sophisticated British fashion ? what the industry is dying to get a glimpse of for the umpteenth time in the fall / winter season. For 2012-2013, designers never fail to cause a stir among the fashion public with trendy pieces in pretty, profound, glorious and ravishing styles fit for any girl or woman bound to be the next fashionista either on the cover of a magazine or on the streets of any spot in the world.


London Fashion

London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012-2013


Burberry. Who doesn?t love Burberry? Fall / Winter 2012-2013 released one of its most tasteful and modish collection yet. Specialized in cover-ups, Burberry gave a contemporary show of styled up layers. Peplum jackets extend the meaning of sexy, as well as peplum skirts. Little bow belts emphasize the waist. Sweaters printed with birds and stripes spread in the collection, making it cheerful and livened up. Neutrals such as olive, brown, mustard and plum hues beautify jackets, skirts and blouses.


Burberry Prorsum Fall-Winter 2012/2013



burberry prorsum

Burberry Collection 2012-2013

burberry men

Burberry Collection 2013 - Men

burberry fashion designer

London Fashion Week - Burberry Prorsum - 2012/2013


Daniella Issa Helayel showcased a range of figure hugging numbers in the form of jersey frocks that have remained as her signature creation. In her fall / winter 2012-2013 collection for Issa, she includes paisley patterns giving off a cultural air. Babushka-like head scarves and sybaritic fur hats are styled with dresses. The fur hats are by Stephen Jones. Velvet tights are worn beneath dresses. For evening wear, the designer suggest her alluring A-line and ground-sweeping frocks in duck egg satin fabric with embroidery, gold lace and black velvet cloth.


Issa Fall-Winter 2012/2013



Issa designer collection

Issa London Fashion Week 2013

issa fashion shows

Issa Runway Show - London Fashion Week

Issa fall 2012

Issa Fashion Week Show 2013

london fashion week

Issa Collection 2013 - London Fashion Week


While the rest of fashion week is filled with shades appropriate for fall and winter, Mary Katrantzou went a different path with her collection. 2012-2013 for Kantrantzou is all about happy colors and prints. She chose abstract and exotic prints and opted for imeldific shapes that are more laudatory than her in the past seasons.


Mary Katrantzou Fall-Winter 2012/2013



Mary Katrantzou fashion

Mary Katrantzou Fashion Show 2012-2013

Mary Katrantzou designer

Mary Katrantzou London Fashion Week fall 2012

Mary Katrantzou collection

Mary Katrantzou London Fashion week 2012


Another emulsion of summery details for fall / winter 2012-2013 is seen in the Alexander McQueen collection by Sarah Burton. It consists of super feminine vogue in florals, feathers, pleats, pins and fur. Staying true to the late Lee McQueen?s legacy, she decided to reflect his style, yet brought an easy and wonderful feel into the well-known label, as seen in the Plexiglas visor, heel-less boots, flared skirted coats, Mongolian fur necks and flower embroidered in three-dimensional patterns. Burton?s idea materialized beautifully with anticipation for a bright tomorrow. She describes ?a kind of soft futurism. Not cold and structured, but optimistic and forward-looking.?


Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2012/2013



Mcqueen fashion show

Alexander Mcqueen Runway Show

Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander Mcqueen London Fashion Week

Mcqueen collection

London Fashion Week 2012-2013 Alexander Mcqueen

fall-Winter 2012-2013

Alexander Mcqueen Fashion Designer Collection 2013

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