Fur wraps 2013 – Look like a Russian Queen!

Fur is never a blur in the winter seasons including this year as Russian fashion takes its place among the most sought after trends throughout history. Fur wraps ascend to an even higher level when designers found it better, for example, to?favour?faux than real fox hair and one of the?reasons?is to avoid public outrage. Looking like a czarina in furry stoles is absolutely grand. Winter, as usual, carry them back into the runways each season with all the?extravagance, elegance, and glamour which we?re used to lay our eyes on.


designer Fashion Designer Fur Collection 2013 – Lanvin – Jean Paul Gaultier – Gucci


Having that long, rectangular look gives away what a fur wrap actually is. For 2013, winter?s brought in a wider and more?coverable?version. There are also many types of fur wraps which are all appropriate for the cold weather and they?re looking better whenever a brand reintroduces such lovely pieces in their collections. Also better when they?re man-made, manufacturers make sure they don?t seem fake at all and nor do they cost a lot.


high High Fashion designer Furs – ?hristopher Kane – Gucci – Fendi

Think mink. For girls who need to maintain a status symbol, the mink is always available. Surely, you?ll find one that?isn’t?obviously fake. Mink have the paws and head still on. They come in more than one natural?colour?and whether male or female, their pelts are used to make wraps.
The fur wrap that?ll stay forever in your closet is the stole or fox fur wrap. It?s classy and has different natural?colours?that create more attractive outfits with shades of silver, gray, brown, red, black and white.


fur Fur – Fur Coats 2013 – Viktor & Rolf – Hermes – Fendi

If you want fur in your?favourite?colours?like violet, pink or green, then the muskrat is for you. Although easy to dye in any hue, it?s still more chic to wear a fur wrap in neutral tones.
More than just real fur is the Russian sable. Being one of the most costly furs in the planet, the sable wrap is quite a high end accessory. Its worth is based on the amount of silver sheen seen on its?colouring. Either you prefer the fake or the genuine, nothing beats the Russian wrap.


faux Furs – Furs Wraps 2013 – House of Holland – Moshino – Emilo Pucci

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