Travis Fimmel ? Calvin Klein Star and Fashion Top Model

Travis Fimmel ? Calvin Klein Star and Fashion Top Model

Born July 15th in Echuca, Australia.

When he turned 18, his passion for football and studies in project management moved him to Melbourne.

In 1998, he got approached by a Booker from Chadwick Model Management. Short after joining, he became the Calvin Klein star for their advertising campaign called Crave.

His first playing role was as Tarzan in the WB Network that failed, but Calvin Klein had him signed exclusively.


One of his surprisingly interesting ways to live as a top model is being barefoot a lot. He appeared barefoot on the Sharon Osbourne show, and is usually either barefoot or in flip-flops.


Music videos he has been in are ?I’m Real? by Jennifer Lopez and ?Someone to call my lover? by Janet Jackson.


He is classic and unique, although in his raw angles he goes soft for the camera, and in his softer angles he goes more raw. There is a familiarity in every pose he does that?resembles?the classic ?boy? look, but in each and every photo he pops like a model.


His look is very free and imaginative. Calvin Klein is mostly a lot of whites and jeans that is the most flexible attires to wear. Jeans are one of the strongest form of attires and can be worn in most seasons and places, and white is a neutral and some what freeing color because it is the closest to what we see as ?no color? at all.

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