Class is not just something one is born with. It comes with the way you move, the way you dress and the way you speak. It flows with your actions, reactions and decisions. Today, it is frequently seen in taste, from what you?re wearing to what you?re carrying. From the most prominent fashion houses come classic pieces that are set to pedestalize the labels all through the way. Check them out.

Valentino Red Dress. It is the favorite evening outfit of James Bond ladies and many Hollywood stars as well. One of the most ravishing scarlet looks was seen on Giselle Bundchen who wore a strapless Valentino in a gala event.


giselle bundchen

Valentino Red Dress – Giselle Bundchen Gala Event


Louboutin? Red Soles. This unique color choice for soles made a huge difference in the fashion world, making Christian Louboutin famous with his line of glamorous high heeled shoes.


louboutin shoes

Louboutin Shoes – Red Soles


Versace One Shoulder High Slit Gown. Make it Versace?s signature style which continues to rock their runways.



Versace Paris Haute Couture Fall 2012 – High Slit Gowns 2012


Louis Vuitton Speedy. Just the famous LV sign will set you palpitating as these very sought after items have been around since forever and they are imitated well and abundant enough simply because they look real good. And who wouldn?t want such a bag?


louis vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton Speedy bag


Vera Wang Wedding Dress. The company makes every blushing brides dream come true as she happily walks down the aisle int that gorgeous gown. Getting married, anyone?


wedding dress

Vera Wang Wedding dress campaign 2012


Burberry Trench Coat. This is where sexy meets classy, not street fashion meeting up with Miss Uptight.


emma watson

Emma Watson – Burberry Trench coats


Armani Suit. Every man or woman suited up by Giorgio looks stunning. And who wouldn?t wish to be stunned?



Giorgio Armani Men Suits 2012


BVLGARI jewelry. Expensive, but hot.



Bvlgari watch 2012


Chanel No. 5. Wear it wherever you want to be kissed. Thanks a lot, Madame Coco!


chanel no 5

Audrey Tatou for Chanel No 5 campaign 2012


Salvatore Ferragamo wedges. Nothing looks as wedged as Italian-made shoes.



Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo’s wedges


Givenchy LBD. The designer house who made a perfect little black dress for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany?s can make one just for you.



Gorgeous Givenchy LBD Dress


Hermes Scarf. You can?t beat the original.



Hermes Scarves campaign 2012


Michael Kors sportswear. For outdoor activities, comfortable clothing is a necessity. Don?t be afraid to spurge on the best buys.


Michel kors

Michale kors Spring 2012 Safari Sportwear


Balenciaga City. This handbag is for the urbane, swift and up-and-about.


balenciaga bag

Balenciaga city


Victoria?s Secret Lingerie. This is no secret at all.


adriana lima

Sexy Adriana Lima – Victoria’s secret Campaign

sexy models

Victoria’s Secret Angels – Valentine Campaign 2012



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