No matter where you go, skirts will always manage to pop up?any time. You can either be a pants lover or a skirt hater, but you could never deny the power of a woman in a skirt. Despite men wearing skirts as national costume, for women and the rest of the world, a skirt is one of the universal symbols of femininity in fashion. It would be rather ridiculous to say trousers symbolize female fashion. Not even androgyny could back it up.


This year?s cold seasons offer fashion prompts to perk up your days and nights in skirts that holler on sight. Trends appear, reappear and disappear every season. Skirt trends alter easily and for lots of shopaholics, it is one of the most enjoyable things to shop for.? ?Girls would die to have at least one trend item in their closets, especially that fall 2012 has lots of fabulous treats in store. If you?re looking for a skirt that fits, rocks, and compliments your body, check out this short list and figure out whether any of it applies to your style and shape at all.


A-line Skirt


a line skirts

What Are you waiting for ??? Get your A line Skirt Right Now 🙂


Bubble Skirt.


bubble skirt

Sexy Bubble Skirts Fall 2012


Cargo Skirt.


cargo skirt

Cargo skirts Fall 2012 Winter 2013


Circle Skirt.


circle skirt

Long – Short or Mini Circle Skirts ….. They all Rock !! 🙂


Full Skirt.


full skirts

Full skirts collection FW 2012/2013 by Alexander McQueen


Jean Skirt.


jean skirt

Jean – Denim Skirts Fall 2012 Collection


Leather Skirt.


leather skirts

Hottest Leather Skirts Fall 2012 – Fashion Trends


Maxi Skirt.


maxi skirts

Sexy and Trendy Maxi Skirts Fall 2012


Mini Skirt.


mini skirt

Mini Skirt Fashion FW 2012


Pleated Skirt.


skirt fashion

Pleated Skirt Fashion by Antonio Berardi, BCBG and Donna Karan for Fall 2012


Straight Skirt.


straight skirts

Straight Skirts are In !! Fall 2012 – Winter 2013


Found something for yourself? Whatever you may pick, think about your waist, your hips, and your ass. Are you getting bigger? Or thinner?? Each type of skirt was designed not to make trends but for the wearer to look at least attractive and ladylike. Some girls are fine with longer hemlines. Others crave shorter ones to make their legs longer, or to flaunt their gorgeous legs.

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