Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin Fall 2011

Fashion week hits Paris once again, and for the fall collection they showed a lot of mystery and black, gray, red and white. The pieces all have dramatic looks and most models were carrying hats and headpieces along with the silk, and thicker fall materials who are mostly loose fitted in either the whole piece or in selective places of the piece. Polka dots and flowers take up some of the pieces single colors and jacket inspired shoulder pieces are new to the eye.

Here are some of the pieces;

runway model for Lanvin

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011

This piece meets the leather gloves and ankle boots, together with a covered chest, striped dress and jacket inspired fluffy shoulders. The belt is a decorative addition to the waist and is dramatic on both sides and casual in the center.

Fashion model for Lanvin Fall 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin Fall 2011

This is a mystery piece with thick boots that fit skinny legs and a glove inspired arm piece under a circle cut shoulder/arm piece attached to the gray shirt with a black fluffy skirt. This piece takes me back to days when people were ready to meet the city in a bold fashion and with determination.

Fashion Runway Model for Lanvin Fall 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin Fall 2011

This is another mystery piece with gloves that are lower down the arms and a silky looking see-through black fluffy shirt with a thicker more determined looking skirt. The boots are simple and blend in with the style perfectly.

Top Model for Lanvin Fall 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin Fall 2011

The beige dress and the darker beige gloves flow amazingly together with the round center piece on the chest of the model. The head piece is gorgeous and looks good on her even with a short hair-cut. This piece is very feminine and the shoulders have a dent inspired fall that ?zig-zags? in it’s shape to meet the gloves.

August Issue 0001

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    Slouch Boots World

    I really like the 4th image, the tan dress with the puffy shoulders. Very effective. The wrinkly gloves set it off.

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    Kallie Reul

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Paris Fashion Week Lanvin Fall 2011