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Art director Peter Knapp

Peter Knapp

The Art-Director is who creates a visual concept for advertising billboards, commercials and other fashion related photo-shoots and events. They also are responsible for the layout in video’s and on websites and the look in newspapers.


In some cases, the Art director gets to cast models, stylist, wardrobe and photographers for photo-shoots and finding the location for the shoot. In a lot of cases, the Art Director also has an Assistant Art Director. Art Directors for magazines determine the way stories are presented and how the design of the magazine should look. The Art director also is responsible for gathering all the Art and images for stories through a PR-reps or other sources. The Art Director also works on re designing Magazines or labels.


To become an Art Director,you would need a graphic design degree combined with a fashion degree. Advertising Art Directors would need to take classes in advertisement and marketing.


A well known Art Director and fashion Designer I’m mentioning is David Rosen. David Rosen is a well known advertising art director from New York City. He worked on different MTV series as the creator, writer and director. He also wrote a novel called I just want my pants back.


He has an interesting presentation on you tube worth checking out, although the screen get’s blurry. ?

This video also has a part 2 ?


Another Art Director I’m mentioning is Peter Knapp for ELLE Magazine. He had revolutionary ideas for the changing lifetimes in the fifties and also attracted men to read woman magazines.


Peter Knapp work

Peter Knapp for Elle

Aileen N




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