Cameras flash at who?s going in to watch the shows of New York, Paris, London and Milan?s fashion designers. Whatever season may it be, this crowd which consist of celebrities, socialites, writers, photographers, and privileged?viewers. It varies? how many people would rush and ramp in to see? the seasonal? collections, yet only who?s sitting in front, inches away from the models, matter the most. These persons, whether?they’ve?been dressed by the designers, or invited to critique the presentation, are mostly VIPs in the fashion world. Then most of the time, they can be just social butterflies who give life to the party just by being there. Nobody?s a wallflower, although you just have to sit pretty and allow photographers to flash their cameras.?None?can deny that these over photographed personalities are usually heiresses, either offsprings of fashion moguls, or simply ones who are set make a difference in the industry.



Olivia Palermo may probably be the most hated character in The City ?but she is actually one of the most admired style icons in the industry today. She possesses a wonderful gift of styling and exceptionally great taste- the Audrey Hepburn of the 21st century.



Olivia Palermo – The Audrey Hepburn of the 21st century

fashion icon

Fashion Style Icon Olivia Palermo


Daphne Guiness is Queen of Avant-garde dressing as she flawlessly comes rocking out with the most vamped up attire. Do we need to mention her roots? Heiress or not, her position as a huge fashion icon in the whole globe is far from getting stirred or shaken up. The original, couture-influenced and high end style of miss Guiness swags to? live on forever.


daphne guiness

The Queen of Avant-garde dressing Daphne Guinness


Allegra Versace, the sole heiress of the late Gianni Versace?s fortune, is not the most dressy figure you see at the front row. She calls her mother Donatella?s style as ?fearless? whereas the girl decides to play it safe and simple.


Allegra Versace

Italian heiress Allegra Versace


Bee Shaffer, the daughter of well-respected fashion authority Anna Wintour. They may be seen at front row together most of the time, but she will surely make steps to have her own name. The young heiress is often spotted dressed in perfect fashion, otherwise, her mother would have something to say about it.


bee shaffer

Anna Wintour ( Editor in Chief of American Vogue ) and her daughter Bee Shaffer


The Clarins Girls, of Clarins cosmetics, ?started to catch attention when they began to appear at fashion shows. The French trio don?t have much going on with regards to their public profile, but they are dressed to the nines in Parisian style.


clarins girls

Front Row Girls The Courtin-Clarins


Paris Hilton, the hotel chain heiress, model, actress, singer, and business woman is particularly one of the favorite prey of style paparazzi. Lucky for her, she never strikes a false note. Thanks to her stylish roots and own impressive penchant for clothes and bags, she has become an iconic fashionista and now a designer of her own bag line, Paris Hilton?s Bags and Accessories.


paris Hilton

Fashionista and Designer Paris Hilton


Other heiresses who have caught our eye and hold permanent front row seats are Ivana Trump, Dylan Lauren, Lydia Hearst-Shaw, Amanda Hearst, Anna Anisimova and Nicole Richie.


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