Black and White Fashion Photography


Black and white were the first pictures ever taken, and we all remember the early Hollywood’s pale faces of fashion models and movie stars, fixed short hair styles and dark clothing. Black and white is still a popular demand in the fashion world because it makes a timeless statement. Regular ad’s are rarely in black and white, neither are billboards. Black and white photographs are usually seen in special ad-campaigns where there are series of black and white photo’s that usually look very simplistic or intense.


Make-up spreads never come in black and white as well as most fashion spreads . Some model photo-shoot?s and jewelry layouts can also come in black and white. Hence black and white creates a classic with a timeless fashion.


One of the most memorable black and white fashion photos I have seen recently was the Fashion Editorial Photography for Guess by Marciano created by Shaun Alexander

A simple yet sophisticated image of a young girl wearing a light colored Marciano dress, standing in the middle of a beautifully decorated living room. These series of photographs instantly take you back in time where less was more and photographers only tool were their imagination, beautiful lighting and photographic techniques. Shaun Alexander’s Black and white photography is a great example of simplicity, sophistication, glamour, beauty and timelessness all at once


I found an interesting link with a lot of black and white photographs worthy of checking out

The young girl holding a cigarette was one of my favorite pictures , distinguishing the difference between Black and white and color photography


If you would imagine colors involved after seeing the picture in black and white, it would change your mood about interpretation the picture. A black and white photo can allow you to paint the photograph with your own eyes creating a whole different feeling and imagination about the captured moment/fashion statement in front of you.


A black and white photos stand out, because colors can easily match and make their own statements and feelings while a black and white photo leaves a mystery and clue.



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