The Benefits of Style to Fashionistas

Let?s be frank and admit that not everyone is gifted with good taste. Therefore not all of us have the capacity to dress well or simply put up a presentable outfit to wear. This is time for a fashion rehab. Recession is still going on so it is considered necessary.
In Hara Estroff?s The Style Imperative, it is stated that ?Fashion is about clothes and their relationship with to the moment. Style is about you and your relationship to yourself. Fashion is in the clothes. Style is in the wearer. The distinction could not be more revealing.? Way to differentiate fashion from style. We cannot disagree that sometimes, people forget that the two things are not the same. Why it is being brought up answers with terms like individuality, creativity and of course, recession, recession, recession!
We?ve already had bits of it, but it?s an opportune moment to train ourselves not to rely entirely on fashion to dictate what we should wear and how to wear things. The first benefit of style is shown in the uniqueness of an outfit. It means that a person has individuality and it distinguishes her from others. Anyone can copy clothing styles but no self-respecting fashionista would allow herself to imitate other people?s way of dressing.


The second benefit is an opportunity to save. The Style Imperative also states that, ? Style, on the other hand, doesn?t demand a credit card. It prospers on courage and creativity.? If you are not confident enough with your choice of color, dress or shoes, ask help from a friend or a family member. Expensive stuff doesn?t always mean they?re the only beautiful things available. There are lots of pretty items in low prices that are competent enough to be worn in fancy parties. It is not a good time to be conscious of brands or opt for higher price tags. Just like what they say in fashion, ?one day you?re in, the next day you?re out.? Today you have everything from a lovely house, a great job, a swell car and a fat bank account. What about tomorrow? Have you ever thought of losing all of these one day?
The third and last benefit is the freedom it brings once you put on an outfit, come out, and post it on the lookbook for the world to see. It sums up all three benefits with this explanation: Democracy still covers fashion, but style makes more use of it. Additionally, The Style Imperative states, ?In the end, style is fundamentally democratic. It assumes every person has the potential to create a unique identity and express it through grooming and a few well-chosen clothes.? But there?s always a twist and here it comes. ?Yet style is also aristocratic. It sets apart those who have it from those whose dress is merely utilitarian. It announces to the world that the wearer has assumed command of herself.?


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