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Shaun Alexander photography, Los Angeles fashion photographer, la advertising photographer, editorial photographer and beauty photographer. Shaun has gained the love and respects of many, fashion photographers, art directors, magazine editors from Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Milan and hundreds of cities and locations around the globe, all sharing the same respect for his vision and art direction as well as his highly imaginative crisp clean stylish beauty and fashion photography lighting and images. As a Top fashion photographer in los angeles and in the united states, he is well respected amongst all his peers, professional photographers, advertising agencies, fashion agencies, catalog companies, celebrities, beauty cosmetic companies, make up industry, hair product companies, fashion designers, etc.. Please visit Shaun Alexander or LA Fashion Photographer
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Advertising photographer Shaun Alexander has created numerous advertising campaigns, Cosmetic campaigns, and Editorial Campaigns. fashion designers, high fashion magazines, advertising companies, fashion editorial, celebrities, magazine covers. Advertising Photographer Shaun Alexander works hand in hand with top fashion advertising agencies in Los Angeles, New York, United States and Europe; Paris, Milan, London and many more metropolitan cities around the globe.
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Top Beauty photographer Los Angeles, Shaun Alexander had a chance work with many cosmetic companies, make up magazines, beauty campaigns, hair salons, hair schools and beauty schools and I have come to a conclusion that without hair and beauty there is not much to talk about in the fashion world, and without hair and beauty photographers, no one can ever see those amazing products and hair styles and magazine covers that make you wanna rush to the nearest store to buy the next best thing for your hair or your face.
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Los Angeles Fashion Photographer Shaun Alexander is one of the few Top fashion photographers in Los Angeles that his work had decorated many pages of countless fashion magazines , fashion catalogs, fashion advertisements, fashion campaigns and thousands of modeling portfolios for top fashion agencies such as Ford, IMG, Elite, Next, etc..
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Editorial Photographer Los Angeles Shaun Alexander had earned the trust of many great or Fashion Editors, top fashion designers and fashion magazines. Creating some of the highly creative editorial layouts decorated 100’s of pages of many great publications and magazine covers worldwide.
Professional photographer Shaun Alexander is now offering fashion and art photography workshops in Los Angeles for $1500 for a 2 day workshop through June, July and August. The workshops cover invaluable knowledge for photographers including: current lightning techniques, the process of running a photo shoot and advice for how to begin a career in photography. The pace and style of the workshops are adjusted to the needs of the student to ensure an educational experience. Workshops range from single day sessions to 5 day programs and are held in Alexanders personal photo studio Los Angeles. One-on-one sessions are also available. Alexander also offers workshop-goers 3 months of online advice intended to answer questions or help with any problems attendees may have. Workshop-goers also receive 50% off future classes if they book 3 days or more. Alexanders fashion photography workshops are not only beneficial to photographers; models and make-up artists who enroll in a workshop will have the opportunity to build their portfolios using high quality equipment. No experience is necessary in order to attend. Shaun Alexander is renowned for his highly stylized fashion photography, with Guess, BCBG and Alice Abraham among his past clients. Alexander has 26 years of fashion photography experience and currently works and resides in Los Angeles. For more information about Shaun Alexander or his workshops, please visit LA Fashion Photographer or Zoom on Me
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