Sex and the City prides in having fashionista characters with glamorous jobs. Columnist Carrie Bradshaw portrayed by the amazing style icon Sarah Jessica Parker has the most notable outfits both in the film and series. During heartaches, job ruts, and girlfriend issues, fashion proves to be the most healthy thing to indulge in as shown in the storyline. Who wouldn?t agree? It?s better to look hot while pretending you?re okay than get cavities, tonsillitis and acid reflux from overeating chocolates.

"Jessica Jessica Parker in Sex and the city movie


The job that every girl wants goes to Andy Sachs who didn?t know a thing about fashion, her famous boss, and the prestigious magazine she applied for. To get things right and survive the demands of working for the highly regarded fashion authority Miranda Priestley, she allows herself to experience a hot makeover. Along with this treat come Chanel boots and other designer pieces of every girl?s envy. Andy soon learns how to dress up, discovers her own fabulous sense of style, and impresses her co-workers, boyfriend and even her hard-to-please boss.



Rebecca Bloomwood is in financial alarm as her shopping addiction gets to her. True Bloomwood style is colorful, layered, urbane and definitely stylish. Confessions of a Shopaholic fashionably represents women as impulsive as Rebecca, who would buy a pen, a scarf, or a pair of shoes on sight.

"Rebecca Rebecca Bloomwood – confessions of a shopaholic


Zooey Deschanel stars as Summer, in 500 Days of Summer. In the film, she?s as free-spirited as the fashion garb she puts herself in- casual, comfy, but very chic.

"Zooey Zooey Deschanel – 500 days of Summer


Le Divorce presents Kate Hudson playing the American girl who visits her soon-to-be-divorced sister in France. She meets a married man she likes and tries to imitate French fashion with shoulder length locks and bangs. Adding to her provocative gestures, she flaunts the scarlet designer bag- a symbol of their illicit love affair.

"Kate Kate Hudson – Le Divorce


The Olsen Twins get into aquamarine and blood red suit outfits after ending up in the downtown zones of the Big Apple in their chick flick New York Minute. They are also seen wearing matching I Love New York tees and fire engine red miniskirts.

"olsen Olsen Twins in their chick flick New York Minute


The Holiday, a heartwarning film about love and relationships,presents Cameron Diaz in the classiest dresses, in the uber sophisticated black-and-white. She plays a movie trailer maker who dumps her cheating boyfriend, goes on a vacation in a small town in England, bringing along a luggage full of fashionable pieces for the winter season.

Also one of the movie characters who dress up like pros are Holly Golighty in the classic Breakkfast at Tiffany?s. It is the greatest Audrey Hepburn flick ever shot in history, inspiring many designers and wearers to take Miss Hepburn?s lead in fashion with the gorgeous pearls, dark shades and handy LBD.

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